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Abelson & Sussman video lectures mirror download

Structure and Interpretation of Computer ProgramsIf you have trouble find all Abelson & Sussman SICP video lectures from MIT, here are direct downloads from (mp4 256kb).



Video about Metasploit Framework

  1. Metasploit Intro [Irongeek]:
    download AVI | presentation PDF
  2. Metasploit Scanning and Pivoting [Pwrcycle]
    download AVI | presentation PDF
  3. Metasploit Fuzzing and Exploit Development [Nullthreat]
    download AVI | presentation + examples
  4. Meterpreter and Post Exploitation + Metasploit Express demo [Purehate]
    download AVI | presentation ZIP
  5. Social Engineering Toolkit [ReL1K]
    download AVI
  6. More Encoding Fun, Fasttrack and Closing [ReL1K]
    download AVI

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