10 books every hacker should read

Steven Levy – Hackers: Heroes of Computer Revolution

Hackers early history. The story is split into three parts.

  1. Early days mostly at Tech Model Railroad Club and AI. Lab at MIT
  2. Hardware Hackers (Homebrew Computer Club and Woz)
  3. Game Hackers, history of early games mostly created in assembler and basic for apple computer

Sam Williams – Free as in Freedom

Book about Richard M. Stallman, the origin on Free Software Foundation and GNU/Linux. You can read this book online.

Paul Graham – Hackers and Painters

Compilations of Graham essays. Graham is creator of Viaweb, which become Yahho Store and designer of arc lisp dialect. If you want more you can find it on Graham web site

William Gibson – Neuromancer

Classic cyberpunk book. Gibson is a father of cyberpunk he coined the term “cyberspace”.

Lawrence Lessig – Free Culture

Book about Open Society, Free Licensing and Open Source. The book was relased on Creative Commons Attribution/Non-commercial license (by-nc 1.0). You can download the book from offical web site.

Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman – Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Classic book about programming and solving problems, all examples are in scheme programming language. Sussman design Scheme with Guy L. Steele. You can watch video lectures by authors of this book. You can read it online.

Eric Raymond – The Art of UNIX Programming

Book about the history and culture of Unix programming, and a guide to create open source program in *nix environment. You can read it online.

Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution

Group of Essays about Open Source. The essays contained were written by Chris DiBona, Sam Ockman, Mark Stone, Brian Behlendorf, Scott Bradner, Jim Hamerly, Marshall Kirk McKusick, Tim O’Reilly, Tom Paquin, Bruce Perens, Eric Raymond, Richard Stallman, Michael Tiemann, Linus Torvalds, Paul Vixie, Larry Wall, and Bob Young. You can read this book online.

Open Sources 2.0 : The Continuing Evolution

Continuation of previous book. The authors of essays are Mitchell Baker, Chris DiBona, Jeremy Allison, Ben Laurie, Michael Olson, Ian Murdock, Matthew N. Asay, Stephen R. Walli, Russ Nelson, Wendy Seltzer, Jusus M. Gonzalez-Barahona, Gregorio Robles, Alotita Sharma, Robert Adkins, Boon-Lock Yeo, Louisa Liu, Sunil Saxena, Bruno Souza, Doc Searls, Tim O’Reilly,Pamela Jones, Andrew Hessel, Eugene Kim, Larry Sanger, Sonali K. Shah, Steven Weber, Jeff Bates, Mark Stone. read this book online

Eric Raymond – New Hacker’s Dictionary

Dead-tree version of Jargon File