How to create D3 Plugin

I was learning D3 and wanted to write plugin attrs, that will allow to use object to set attributes on svg DOM nodes. It seems that this functionality was in D3 but was removed.

I was searching and was not able to fine how to create the plugins, but then I look at source code for d3 transition (it’s easier to search bundle file than original files on github).

And at the end, there was code that I’ve needed to use. That’s what I thought it require to add to prototype.

So here is my attrs plugin:

d3.selection.prototype.attrs = function(attrs) {
  this.each(function(d, i) {
    var element =;
    Object.keys(attrs).forEach((key) => {
      element.attr(key, attrs[key]);
  return this;

You can use it like normal attr:

var g ='body')
  .attrs({width: 200, height: 200})
    x: 50,
    y: 50,
    width: 100,
    height: 100,
    stroke: 'rgb(255, 100, 100)',
    'stroke-width': 10,
    fill: 'black'

It works the same as jQuery plugins.

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