How get jQuery data without jQuery

Sometimes there is a need to get access to data value when jQuery is not available, this may happen when the website is using jQuery.noConflict(true) and don’t give access to jQuery it uses. Adding your own jQuery don’t work because data (added by calling .data('name', value) not by data-name attribute) is accessible only from same jQuery in which data was added.

But there is solution for this. First we need helper function (if we don’t want to include another jQuery):

var $$ = function(selector) {
  return [];

Looking at the source code for jQuery you will see this code:

function Data() {
    this.expando = jQuery.expando + Data.uid++;

Data.uid = 1;

Data.prototype = {

    cache: function( owner ) {

        // Check if the owner object already has a cache
        var value = owner[ this.expando ];

and each jQuery have it’s own jQuery.expando which is string jQuery + version + random number.

So we need to extract expando values from DOM node, here is the code:

function expando(item) {
    return Object.keys(item).filter(function(key) {
        return key.match(/^jQuery/);
    }).map(function(key) {
        return item[key];

in most cases there are two expando attributes not only for data but also for events. Next step is to find data value:

function data(item, name) {
    return expando(item).map(function get(expando) {
        return expando[name];

You can test this approach in this pen, the terminal is created inside IIFE and jQuery.noConflict(true) is called, (in Google Chrome you need to select from dropdown result(gGwROe) frame to interact with the page).

You can test by calling inject_jquery() function (that’s defined in pen) that $('.terminal').data('terminal') don’t work (you either can’t call $('.terminal').terminal() unless you include jQuery Terminal again.

But if you copy/paste $$, expando and data functions into console and call:

var term = data($$('.terminal')[0], 'terminal')[0];

you will have access to terminal instance, you can call term.clear() to clear the terminal or any other terminal method.

NOTE: it will work only in jQuery 3. For jQuery <3 you need to have access to jQuery object and use

function data(item, name) {

the data function can also return events property, so you can get event handler using data(element, 'events')

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